Tomáš Soukal

Security Consultant @ Talsec

Talk Title

Hacking and protection of Mobile Apps and backend APIs. Threat modeling exercise.







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You should attend this talk if you want to know how mobile apps & APIs are being hacked and what you need to do to protect them. We will explore large-scale attacks targeting backend APIs like botnets, fake registrations, and token hijacking. Whether you're a developer, security professional, or anyone invested in securing mobile applications, this talk equips you with practical insights and proactive measures to safeguard against evolving cyber threats. The talk is aligned with current OWASP MAS practices, focusing on architecture, resiliency, network, and storage areas. Join to stay ahead in protecting your digital assets.

Speaker Bio

I am Tomáš Soukal and my daily bread and butter is explaining the mobile security concepts related to RASP technology.