Tomas Piaggio

Director of Engineering at Very Good Ventures, Firebase GDE, Professor of Software Architecture @ ORT University Uruguay

Talk Title

Mastering Flutter + Firebase: Architecting for Scale, Security & Savings


Flutter Forest




11:10 > 15 min


on Twitter

Discover the key principles and strategies for building scalable, secure Flutter apps with Firebase, while keeping costs in check! Join us for an eye-opening session where we'll share actionable tips and best practices for architecting apps that scale without blowing up your costs.

From clever database queries and structuring to authentication and authorization mechanisms, we'll show you how to design architectures that prioritize performance, security, and affordability.

We’re going to be looking at real-world examples, and empower you to make informed decisions for your projects.

Speaker Bio

Tomas Piaggio is a software engineer and community leader, currently Director of Engineering at Very Good Ventures, a Google Developer Expert for Firebase, and a Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor. He leads the Google Developer Groups (aka GDG) in Montevideo and is a Software Architecture Professor at ORT University Uruguay.