Pascal Welsch

Flutter GDE, CTO at PHNTM, Co-Founder of Wiredash

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Self-host private pub packages







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Self-hosting Dart and Flutter packages isn't easy but required when sharing packages in an enterprise environment. Today, getting your own pub server running is either pricey or maintenance-intensive. Without being cautious, your solution might miss critical access policies.

As a Flutter agency, we encountered significant difficulties sharing our design system across multiple projects and clients. We needed a robust solution that could meet our needs, yet be affordable.

This talk compares existing solutions as well as our journey of hosting our own pub repository in an agency setup, even allowing us to use our own domain at almost zero cost.

This talk is not sponsored by any provider, neither promotes our own solution unless it is completely open source as part of the FlutterCommunity.

Speaker Bio

Pascal (Flutter GDE) had a 6-year-long Android background before he transitioned to ditch Kotlin for Dart and Flutter. At PHNTM he leads a team of Flutter talents delivering stunning user interfaces to audiences on all platforms.
Pascal is a strong believer in testing and open-source. If you find any of his packages in your dependencies they are certainly well tested. Like his Feedback SDK Wiredash.