Norbert Kozsir

Freelance Developer and Indie Hacker

Talk Title

Compilers, Virtual Machines and Code Analysis – What makes Dart and Flutter run







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This advanced session takes a look at what powers Flutter under the hood. This will include everything but the typical code you write day to day.

Key topics:

- The Dart compiler
- The DartVM
- The Dart Analyzer
- The Engine

Each topic will consist of some high-level overview & fun examples of things you can do.

After the talk, you should have gained a general understanding of how Flutter and Dart work under the hood and be equipped with basic knowledge to start building tools for the Dart and Flutter ecosystem.

Speaker Bio

Norbert Kozsir is a talented Flutter developer with a passion for crafting intuitive and engaging user experiences. With several years of experience in the field, Norbert has honed his skills in creating robust and scalable applications for a wide range of industries. His expertise in Flutter and his ability to think outside the box make him a valuable asset to any development team. Norbert is known for his attention to detail and his commitment to delivering high-quality work. Whether he is working on a new project or improving an existing one, Norbert is always eager to find new ways to bring his projects to life. With his enthusiasm and drive, Norbert is sure to make a positive impact on any organization he works with.