Miguel Beltran


Talk Title

Server-Side In-App Purchases in Dart






14:35 > 20 min


on Twitter

Implementing in-app purchases is one of the most arduous tasks an app developer will face. Usually, this is a task split between the Flutter team and the server team, and unfortunately all examples out there use Java or JavaScript.

But what if you, as a Flutter developer, could write this code in a language you are familiar with?

In this lightning talk, I will cover the basics of implementing the so dreaded purchase verification process as a light Dart server. You will learn how to create REST endpoints, connect to Google Play and iTunes, and react to server-side events regarding purchases. All using Dart!

This talk will give you a good starting point to implement in-app purchases on the server side, it is ideal for solo-developers looking to monetize their apps and anyone looking to expand their knowledge with in-app purchases.

Speaker Bio

Miguel is a freelance developer experienced with mobile apps, who has been working with Flutter full time since 2019. He also collaborates with the Flutter dev-rel team, creating and maintaining samples and documentation.