Marcin Chudy

Senior Flutter Developer at LeanCode

Talk Title

Demystifying App Architecture: The LeanCode Guide


Dart Den




13:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

At LeanCode we developed over 40 Flutter apps, spanning from huge enterprise apps to nimble startup ventures. Some were developed by a single Flutter dev, some came into light through collaborative efforts across multiple teams. Each of them was different. Each of them presented unique challenges and taught us invaluable lessons.

In this talk, we invite you to explore different approaches to architecting Flutter apps. Central to our narrative will be the concept of architectural drivers - key factors or priorities that steer our decisions about how the app is structured and designed. We'll show how we leverage our experience when approaching new projects. Drawing from our successes and failures, we'll present our current Flutter stack which enables us to craft robust, scalable, and maintainable applications. While there is no silver bullet for Flutter architecture, we can still have some sensible defaults.

Why do we use BLoC for state management? Why not Riverpod? Why do we love hooks? What do we do to avoid re-implementing the same things over and over again? Come to our talk to find out.

Speaker Bio

Marcin is a Senior Flutter Developer at LeanCode, a software house from Poland known for building complex mobile apps with Flutter and engaging in the Flutter Warsaw community. He is currently playing a Flutter Tech Lead role in a large project for the banking sector. Previously worked with backend, and web frontend (React), finally settling on mobile and falling in love with Flutter at first sight. After work, he enjoys dancing salsa and bachata and attends metal concerts.