Majid Hajian


Talk Title

Flutter Engineering


Widget Way




13:40 > 40 min


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Unlock Flutter's full potential with insights from 'Flutter Engineering.' Join me to explore advanced architectural patterns and optimization techniques. Enhance your Flutter development skills and master the engineering principles behind building robust, scalable applications. This session is perfect for intermediate to advanced developers looking to deepen their understanding and elevate their app development.

Speaker Bio

Majid Hajian is an accomplished software architect and developer renowned for his expertise in designing intricate web and mobile applications. He is recognized as a Google Developer Expert, has received accolades as an author, and is a respected instructor.

Majid has authored several engineering books, including the top-seller book series.

As a prominent community leader, Majid organizes events worldwide, including the esteemed FlutterVikings conference, to empower fellow developers and propel the software development industry forward.