Lucas Goldner

Bitfactory, Web- and Mobiledeveloper

Talk Title

Comparing ways of accessing native functionality






12:10 > 20 min


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How I came across this topic:
As part of developing one of my apps, I was interested in using the AirPods' sensors for data collection. For this purpose, I wrote a little package:
Which does precisely that. I used an event channel to get the information in real time and process it in my app. It was during the last Flutterforward that I heard for the first time about ffigen, which would have saved me a lot of development time. With ffigen, I can extract the class that provides all the functionality I need, create bindings, and call it directly from within Flutter. This talk will demonstrate the process and compare it to writing a bridge manually.

- Auto-generate bindings to various languages like ObjC, Rust, and C++
- How ffigen can save a lot of time while developing
- Less maintenance since you can reduce the need for dependency

Speaker Bio

Lucas, 22, I am a student at HdM in Stuttgart, Germany, in my 7th semester of Media Informatics. My passion lies in mobile development, but I also enjoy web development. Regular at Flutter meetups in Stuttgart!