Lubo Blagoev

Never fear, the Realm Flutter Team is here!

Talk Title

Writing a Flutter and Dart FFI plugin? Never fear, the Realm Team is here.






12:10 > 20 min


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At Realm we needed to write a Dart and Flutter FFI plugin from scratch for our Realm SDK. We started a while back while the FFI support was in alpha, so we have a few things we learned along the way. In this talk we share our experience of writing FFI plugins, how to ship a Flutter and Dart package that uses native binaries, how to generate FFI bindings, how the Realm FFI plugin package integrates with Flutter and Dart apps. We share the good and the bad and what's to come for Flutter and Dart FFI plugins.

Speaker Bio

I have more than 20+ years in the software industry, started programming at an early age on the 8 bit IBM PC clone “Pravetz 8M” and later on a 16 bit Pravetz-16 with an Intel 8088 4MHz CPU doing QuickBasic and Turbo Pascal which was magical to me at that time and age. I have seen the world when a PC at home was an exception and experienced the whole technical revolution of the past decades. Recently I have been working on mobile application frameworks and I am one of the three co-authors of the NativeScript cross-platform framework. My current endeavor is Realm – the best database for mobile applications and specifically Realm Flutter.