Guillaume Bernos

Lead Developer

Talk Title

How to handle all kind of notifications in Flutter






11:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Notifications are critical to any mobile app, providing users with timely updates and alerts. Handling notifications in Flutter can be challenging, especially when dealing with all the small differences between each platform. I'll use Firebase Cloud Messaging in this talk, but most information can be transposed to any notification provider. In this talk, you will learn:
- How to setup notifications in your Flutter App
- How to send notifications from your server
- What's the difference between data-only notifications and normal notifications
- How to bind a notification to GoRouter
- How to handle foreground and background notifications differently
- When to use Flutter Local Notification plugin

With this talk, any attendee should be fully prepared to add notifications to its application.

Speaker Bio

I’m a Flutter enthusiast for personal and professional projects and the author of the Flutter Favorite’s `location` library. I discovered Flutter during the alpha and have been working with it ever since. I’ve been writing on my blog about my daily discoveries.