Esra Kadah

Senior App Developer | Flutter @Antigua Mobile

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From Touch To Code: Gestures and Beyond







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Ever wondered how our daily interactions with touchscreens shape the apps we use? Join us as we journey from touch to code, exploring the world of Flutter's gesture recognition. In this session, we will start from the point we touch to screen - from glass to processor, and then to our code. Then we will go even deeper into the mechanics of gestures, and see how Flutter transforms simple taps and swipes into responsive app features. But we won't stop there—beyond the basics, we'll also see advanced technical details, including custom gesture handling and optimization techniques. This talk also aims to raise awareness for developers to notice our habits, both as a user & developer. We will also check a demo app to experience it.

- Gaining understanding of touchscreens and Flutter's gesture recognition capabilities.
- Explore advanced technical concepts, including custom gesture handling and optimization techniques.
- Challenge our habitual interaction patterns and discover new ways for innovation in app development.

Speaker Bio

Esra Kadah (@esrakadah) is a Senior App Developer and a passionate Flutter enthusiast. Since 2016, she has played a crucial role in building communities, notably within Flutteristas, Flutter Istanbul, and Woman Techmakers, where she has been instrumental in creating inclusive environments for learning and collaboration. Her unique blend of psychology and design with app development offers an inspiring perspective, showcasing her innovative approach to technology.