Divyanshu Bhargava

Mobile Lead at DTCC Digital Assets

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Scaling Server Driven UI with Mirai


Dart Den




13:25 > 40 min


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Apps have come a long way since the launch of AppStore and PlayStore (Android market) in 2008. In traditional apps, the data is driven by the backend, and the UI is driven by the client (web, iOS, Android). As the app grows they become more personalized, dynamic, and complex. Sending updates and bug fixes to these apps becomes a challenge. What if the client doesn’t need to know what they were displaying? What if we could steer the UI from the server itself?

This is precisely the premise of Server-Driven UI (SDUI), a new approach to mobile app development that addresses these limitations. In SDUI, the server is responsible for generating the UI, and the client simply renders it. This allows for more personalized, dynamic, and complex UIs, as well as easier updates and bug fixes.

In this talk, we will discuss the benefits of SDUI and how it can be used to build better mobile apps. We will also introduce Mirai, an SDUI framework that we are building at Securrency. Mirai uses Flutter's declarative UI to make it easy to build SDUI apps.

Key Takeaways and learning points:
- Understanding Server-Driven UI (SDUI)
- The benefits of SDUI
- How Mirai works
- Building an SDUI app with Mirai
- Challenges of building an SDUI app
- Future of Mobile App Development

Keywords: Server-Driven UI (SDUI), Dynamic UI, Mirai

Speaker Bio

Divyanshu Bhargava is leading the mobile engineering at Securrency. He is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter & Dart and an Organizer of Flutter Abu Dhabi & Dubai. His passion for building apps took him to mobile development, these days you’ll find him talking about Flutter and the future of tech. He is an open-source enthusiast and an avid tech blogger. When he is not coding you can find him kayaking, reading, traveling, or thinking about coding.