David DeRemer

Founder & CEO, Very Good Ventures

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Keynote: The Culture of Flutter: Transforming Orgs from Within






09:00 > 00 min


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Flutter implementation is a change agent that drives wide-scale transformation within technical organizations. Flutter itself is a powerful tool that makes developing apps more efficient and more enjoyable, but its impact goes far beyond the codebase. A well executed transition to Flutter/Dart is an opportunity to radically influence the culture of a technical organization. The benefits of these cultural changes are a force multiplier that can provide substantial long-term business value. What’s more, the culture of the Flutter community itself is a key component to making a great Flutter implementation a strategic capability that smart companies simply can’t afford to miss.

In this talk, we’ll discuss:

- The importance of culture to technology organization success
- How an effective Flutter implementation changes the relationship that developers, teams, executives, and end users have with technology
- Examples of great Flutter implementations positively influencing team culture and performance
- Best practices for cultivating culture in organization where Flutter is a strategic capability

Speaker Bio

David is the Founder and CEO of Very Good Ventures, one of the most influential companies in the Flutter ecosystem. David has over 10 years as a founder and leader of technical software consultancies. In prior roles, David has focused on innovation, technology, design, and strategy in positions at frog design, Chobani, and Accenture. He has a business degree from the Wharton Business School and a Systems Engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania.