Csongor Vogel

Senior Mobile Engineer at talabat (Delivery Hero)

Talk Title

The joy of Functional Programming in Dart






16:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Functional programming is a programming paradigm that has gained increasing popularity in recent years thanks to its ability to improve code quality, reduce bugs, and increase productivity. Luckily, Dart has a strong foundation in functional programming concepts such as higher-order functions, closures, and immutability.
In this talk, we will explore how to unlock the power of functional programming in Dart. We will start with an introduction to functional programming concepts and why they matter. And learn more about functional programming design patterns. We will then dive into how Dart supports functional programming and how to apply functional programming techniques to solve real-world problems. We will cover the core principles of functional programming, such as immutability, purity, and higher-order functions.
Finally, we will discuss the benefits of functional programming in Dart, such as improved code readability, easier debugging, error handling, and faster development time. We will also explore how to use Dart's functional programming libraries, such as the fpdart and dartz packages, to implement functional programming techniques in your code. We will also address common challenges developers may face when transitioning to functional programming and provide strategies to overcome them.
Whether you are new to functional programming or an experienced developer looking to improve your Dart skills, this talk will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to unlock the power of functional programming in Dart and take your coding skills to the next level.

Speaker Bio

Csongor Vogel is a Senior Mobile Engineer based in Dubai and one of the co-leaders of the Flutter chapter at talabat, the MENA region’s largest food delivery app under Delivery Hero.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge by mentoring developers, supporting the local community through co-organizing the Flutter Abu Dhabi and Dubai meetup series and contributing to the curriculum and organization of Hungary’s first Flutter University class.