Alex Bordei

Flutter Developer @ Whiz Center

Talk Title

The Flutter POS: Use-cases on integrating POS Hardware on Android and Linux


Dart Den




11:10 > 40 min


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This session explores the integration of Flutter applications with POS hardware across multiple platforms, focusing on Android and Linux. It will address the complete setup of a POS system, including printers, barcode scanners, card payment systems, and cash accepting solutions. Attendees will learn about bridging Flutter with native platform capabilities using Flutter's foreign function interface (FFI), method channels, and event channels, and how these can be leveraged to build a comprehensive POS system that works seamlessly on both Android and Linux.

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate how Flutter can be effectively utilized to create robust, efficient, and secure POS systems on Android and Linux, paving the way for innovative retail and service solutions. This session will provide valuable skills and knowledge for developers looking to expand their expertise in multi-platform hardware integration using Flutter.

Speaker Bio

Alex Bordei is a full-stack developer with a decade of experience in creating custom solutions for web, API, and mobile development. His expertise and dedication have earned him recognition as a respected authority within the technology industry.

Having spoken at over 30 IT conferences, Alex has covered a wide range of topics, including IoT and DIY IoT projects, virtual assistants, web and mobile development, and security. His presentations at events such as WordCamp Europe, Codecamp, DevFest Romania, and DevTalks Romania have inspired and educated attendees on the latest trends and best practices in the tech industry.

In addition to speaking at conferences, Alex has been an active volunteer and organizer for various communities’ including WordCamp Europe events, further demonstrating his dedication to the tech community.

He is currently the organizer of the Flutter Bucharest Meetup and was previously involved in organizing the Flutter Romania Meetup.

Alex’s enthusiasm for technology extends to the Internet of Things (IoT), where he explores new opportunities for innovation and connectivity. He is also passionate about music and upcycling, finding creative ways to merge his interests and contribute to a more sustainable future.

With a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for all things tech, Alex Bordei is an engaging and insightful speaker who is sure to inspire audiences at any event.