Tim Lavreniuk

Software Engineer, Widgetbook

Talk Title

Unleashing the Power of GraphQL in Flutter Development






11:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

This talk will explore the benefits of using GraphQL in Flutter app development and how to optimize its usage with code generation and caching. During the talk, we will discuss how GraphQL can simplify data management and improve app performance over traditional RESTful APIs. We will also explore how to use code generation to automate the process of generating type-safe code from GraphQL queries and mutations, and how to incorporate caching to store and retrieve data locally, improving app performance and reducing network usage.

Speaker Bio

I am a seasoned full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience in web development and more than 5 years of experience in Flutter app development. As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, I have gained extensive expertise in the AWS ecosystem, which has enabled me to design, build, and deploy high-performing, scalable, and secure applications using AWS Amplify and Flutter.