Thomas Burkhart

Flutter GDE

Talk Title

Coding the happy path with Commands and Exceptions






11:15 > 40 min


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With the functional programming wave, exceptions got a bit out of fashion and many people shy away from using them in their own code. One reason is probably the fear of accidentally missing an Exception or not being sure where to handle them. That's kind of sad because they allow you to focus on the desired program flow without having to check for errors everywhere. The flutter_command package offers an elegant solution for this. This talk will show you in code samples from a big real-world project how you can profit in your own projects from Commands and Exceptions, making your code more readable and more fun coding. On the way we will touch topics like how to structure your App and how commands and the watch_it package complement each other.

Speaker Bio

Born 1971 Thomas Burkhart could be seen almost as a legacy system. Being almost 30 years in this industry led him to a lot of different technologies, like C++ with mfc, C#, microcontrollers in C and currently mobile App development with Flutter and Dart.
What only view people know that he was also a professional magician and bakes his own bread.