Teresa wu

VP Engineer at J.P. Morgan, GDE Flutter/Dart

Talk Title

Flutter WebApp with Wasm & Google Cloud Deployment






16:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

Single Page WebApp (SPA) has existed for nearly 2 decades, while Progressive WebApp (PWA) is newer but provides a different way of building a web application on mobile devices.

This talk will dive into Flutter WebApp, build it using WebAssembly, and then provide a general comparison of WebApp deployment tooling on Google Cloud Platform, including Kubernetes, AppEngine, CloudRun, and Compute Engine. Ultimately, we will deploy the WebApp with a selected Google Cloud tool with coding examples.

Speaker Bio

Teresa is originally from China, then she studied and lived in London for many years, she is a pioneer in her family being the first software engineer. Starting her career as a business analyst, she then got the opportunity to work as a junior software engineer, while studying full time for MSc in Computer Science at Birkbeck, University of London, then slowly developed her career in IT.   
Teresa is a public speaker, Google Developer Expert (GDE), mentor, and software engineer who is passionate about front-end development and Cloud technology. She has been working with many talented developers to craft various apps and projects throughout the years, and she likes to explore the world of multi-platform, the fun of continuous delivery, and seeing through the product from development to release.