Sevastyan Savanyuk

Mobile Tech Lead @mews

Talk Title

Cross-platform Kiosk: challenges of development and delivery.






12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

A Kiosk app is not your usual mobile app - it is a different beast of a project. Everything is different: from the setting in which it is used to the expected UI/UX. Mix in the need for it to run under a true kiosk lock-down, and support for different
platforms (Android and iOS) and you will have a behemoth of an undertaking in front of you.

Luckily, Flutter is here to help you. At least it eases things in UI/UX department.

Based on learnings from a long-lasting Kiosk project (5 years in production, serving 500+ clients), this lightning talk will shed more light on such a niche domain as cross-platform kiosk app development, explain how Flutter proved to be of a great help in keeping the project competitive, uncover industry's trends and secrets and touch on big corporations' politics affect you - the developer - and your Kiosk when it comes to mobile device management solutions (MDM).

Whether you are a curious tinkerer just exploring a POC of Kiosk, or an indie developer, or want an enterprise-grade solution - you will find this talk tremendously helpful in your endeavors to develop a Kiosk app in 2023. And if you are already a Kiosk
developer veteran with a good amount of insight into the topic, you will enjoy my story.

Speaker Bio

Tech lead, former engineering manager, former nuclear engineer.