Roaa Khaddam

Software Engineer, Flutter GDE

Talk Title

High Level Flutter Animations With Low Level APIs






10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Not only does Flutter come packed with beautiful and ready to use UI elements, it also exposes to you, the developer, a variety of APIs that enable you to create stunning animated visual experiences. In this talk, with examples combining the magic of Flutter and the power of math, we will sneak into the framework’s rendering and painting layers and see what the CustomPainter and RenderObjects can do, and how you can work with them, and we’ll even go as low as the GPU and explore shaders and the new Flutter shader APIs so you can learn how to brilliantly manipulate every pixel of your UI.

Speaker Bio

Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Flutter & Dart, passionate about animation, content creation, open source, and speaking at tech events. Currently a Senior Flutter Developer at Widgetbook working on an open source product that aims to make Flutter developer’s life easier and changes the way designers and developers collaborate.

Started getting involved with the vibrant Flutter Community in late 2022. And since written multiple articles, participated and won in the Flutter Puzzle Hack challenge, built and contributed to open-source projects, and spoken in online and in-person tech events.