Renuka Kelkar

Flutter GDE | Founder@TechPowerGirls

Talk Title

Building Scalable and Secure Apps with Flutter and Firebase: Best Practices and Pricing Strategies






10:20 > 35 min


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In this workshop, we'll explore Firebase's capabilities and how to leverage them to create robust and scalable apps using Flutter.

We'll also cover important security considerations to protect user data and provide an optimal user experience.

Additionally, we'll discuss Firebase pricing strategies to help you optimize costs and get the most out of your investment.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical tips for building high-quality mobile apps with Flutter and Firebase.

Speaker Bio

Renuka Kelkar is DevRel Advocate @ Invertase and GDE for Flutter and Dart. Founder of TechPowerGirls Community. Along with this, she is an organizer for GDG London and a Womentechmaker ambassador.