Pieter Scholtz

Software Engineer at KDAB

Talk Title

Unleashing Flutter on embedded hardware with flutter-pi


Flutter Forest




14:20 > 30 min


on Twitter

Unleash the power of Flutter for embedded devices! Join us while we explore the current state of
Flutter on embedded devices, and buckle up for a crash course that starts off with the basics and
ramps up to native OpenGL integration with platform channels.

What you will take away:
- Get a grounding in flutter-pi.
- Learn about the basics of Flutter on embedded devices.
- Be equipped with the basic knowledge needed to go and experiment with flutter on embedded
devices yourself.
- How to communicate with external peripherals ( Using protocols such as I2C, GPIO , PWM and
CANbus )
- Be inspired to create bespoke user interfaces for embedded devices using Flutter.
- Explore some more advanced techniques used in our star navigator demo.

Speaker Bio

I am Pieter Scholtz , I started learning flutter back in 2020 and have had lots of fun with it. After I was employed at a company called KDAB I started working and experimenting with running Flutter on embedded devices. I write blogs and make videos on the topic , you can check them out here : https://www.industrialflutter.com/blogs/ and here https://www.industrialflutter.com/videos/

I also have a rich history working with 3D printing and all kinds of things related to embedded systems. But that is a much longer story which I can tell you in person.