Paweł Polański

Principal Engineer at Klar

Talk Title

“But does it scale?”






10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

When pitching Flutter for a project, have you ever been asked if Flutter scales?

Flutter is great for prototyping, small-to-medium projects.
If you were told that large projects have to be in native mobile?
What would you say?

In our presentation, we will tell you how, in our banking application, we got from:
- One Flutter module to 100+ feature modules
- 200 tests to 17k+ tests
- 140k lines of code to over 700k+ lines
- 4 Flutter developers to 21 people

And doing so we've greatly increased both speed of development and quality of application.
We will tell what technics, tools, and  CI/CD approaches we've used to grow so much within only 2 years.

After this presentation, you will have a more clear path on how to grow your app even more, without suffering from hard-to-maintain code.

In the end, you will have the answer to the question.
Yes. It scales.

Speaker Bio

Mobile developer by heart.
I have to admit that I had an affair with desktop development but there is no place like the mobile.
Over the years did a lot of Symbian, Qt, and years of native Android.
Now actively developing and believing in Flutter.