Pawan Kumar

Founder - Codepur | Advocate @0xpolygon | Google Developer Expert - Flutter, Firebase | 125K+ Youtube ▶️ | 60K+ Linkedin | 35K+ Twitter | 10K+ Github

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Unlocking Native Capabilities in Flutter with JNI: A Deep Dive







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Flutter is renowned for its ability to deliver high-performance, beautifully designed cross-platform applications. However, when developers need to harness platform-specific features or optimize performance beyond what Dart alone can offer, JNI (Java Native Interface) becomes an invaluable tool. In this talk, we will explore the pivotal role of JNI in Flutter development, providing a comprehensive guide to its integration and use. We will begin with an introduction to JNI and its purpose, followed by detailed steps on how to set up and implement JNI within a Flutter project. Attendees will learn about the potential performance optimizations, the ability to use existing platform-specific libraries, and how to securely manage data between Dart and native code. We will also discuss best practices for using JNI in Flutter, including common pitfalls and how to avoid them. This session is designed for Flutter developers who are looking to extend their applications' capabilities by integrating more deeply with underlying platform resources. Whether you're aiming to improve application performance or leverage existing native libraries, this talk will provide the necessary insights and skills to effectively use JNI in your Flutter projects.

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Pawan Kumar is a Lead Engineer at Frontier and an Advocate for technology. With over 8 years of experience in mobile application development, he has honed his skills in a variety of technologies. He is highly recognized in the developer community and has been awarded as a Google Developer Expert for his expertise in Flutter and Firebase. Pawan has been able to establish a strong social media presence with over 125K subscribers on YouTube, 60K followers on LinkedIn, and 35K followers on Twitter. His contributions to open-source software have earned him a considerable following with over 10K followers on Github. With his vast experience and strong influence, Pawan is a highly valued asset to the technology community.