Moritz Theis

CEO at Snapp X

Talk Title

Making Coffee with Flutter






13:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

We may not have realized it yet, but Flutter could become the next big player for UIs on embedded devices.

We'll take a dive into running Flutter on embedded Devices. What's currently supported and what custom embedder can we use to achieve this? How do we communicate between Flutter and the embedded hardware? How can we integrate and use Flutter in the maker-community and open up to the world of IOT?

I'll present how to get Flutter running on a Raspberry Pi, using embedded Linux and flutter-embedded-linux( with the original Raspberry-Pi Touchscreen to control a modified Illy Francis X1 (old Italian coffee machine) to brew some excellent coffee.

This talk aims to show the potential of flutter for UIs on embedded devices, to give a practical guide on how to start developing flutter with a raspberry pi on embedded Linux, and to showcase a project where flutter connects to the Internet of Things.

Speaker Bio

Flutter Developer since 2019,
Coffee Enthusiast since 2016