Michał Gapiński

Senior Software Engineer @ HappyByte, Owner of Tesla Android Project

Talk Title

Bringing Android 13 to Tesla vehicles with Flutter Web






12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

Did you know that you can use your favorite Android apps while driving your Tesla? Join me in this session to learn how the Tesla Android Project made it all possible with Flutter Web on the frontend!

This session will show you:

- the overview of the entire project
- how to build a kernel touchscreen driver with multitouch support and the accompanying Flutter library to implement the linux input protocol
- how to use the JS Audio API in Dart to build a lossless audio player and make it act as the only speaker of the Android system
- how to convert a browser window into a responsive low latency virtual display (without using video)
- how to implement Tesla specific state management in Flutter

Speaker Bio

Mobile & Embedded Software Engineer, Flutter fanatic, and open source contributor. Building successful Flutter apps at HappyByte GmbH. Always tinkering.