Markus Höckner

Ocilion GmbH - Senior Software Engineer

Talk Title

Implementation of an IPTV Client on SmartTVs – Flutter and Samsung Tizen






14:30 > 40 min


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IPTV is a fast growing market with new challenges on the technology side like new streaming technologies, DRM protection, HBBTV, VOD – just to name a few.
But user experience, fancy content presentation, replay or restart are nowadays features that customers expect.
A lot of smart TVs support web-based applications. But they all have technical limitations and especially when it comes to performance and complex animations, limitations of web applications are not to be neglected.
Flutter Tizen provided by Samsung is a fast-enhancing way of developing native apps for Samsung Tizen based devices. But what about user interaction? Limitations in streaming technologies? Is one code base a good idea for such a client? Do we have to strip features of existing clients because “the new way” does not support it?
All these questions and many more come to mind immediately and will be discussed in this talk.

Speaker Bio

After finishing my studies at the University of Salzburg I startet my career as full stack developer. Creating web applications has been the main focus for about seven years at Vienna University Computer Center.
In 2011 I decided, together with two of my friends, to start a company that was focused on web, server and software. Challenging, exciting and beautiful ten years as CTO showed me that not only developer hard skills are needed for project success.
Since 2021 I’m part of Ocilion IPTV GmbH as Senior Software Engineer. Working with exciting new technologies, frameworks and hardware in a DevOp team is now my daily business.