Mangirdas Kazlauskas

Google Developer Expert for Flutter & Dart | Mobile Tech Lead @Billo

Talk Title

Control your Flutter application on the fly with Firebase Remote Config






16:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Real-time updates, A/B testing, app personalisation - what if I told you that you could enable these powerful features in your Flutter application with minimal development effort and without any costs? Firebase Remote Config is a free service that enables changing the behaviour of an app remotely without publishing an app update. In this talk, I will cover multiple real-world use cases where Firebase Remote Config could help you while building Flutter apps.

The talk will revolve around an example app that will be gradually extended with multiple Firebase Remote Config features. Specific use cases covered in the talk:
1) App configuration values;
2) Notifying users about a new app version;
3) Feature toggling (enabling/disabling features on the fly, staged rollout, etc.);
4) App personalisation (using different config values based on conditions - platform, language, region, date/time, etc.);
5) A/B testing;
6) And more!

Speaker Bio

I am an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. While at university, I excelled as a student and used my skills to mentor others. In my second year there, I began working as Software Engineer and continued my professional path in various IT companies. In 2018, I started diving deeper into cross-platform development by using Flutter. That also marks the beginning of my technical Flutter-related blog and content creation journey as well as participation in various IT events, meetups, and conferences as a speaker. In 2021 I became the first Google Developer Expert in Lithuania, focusing on Flutter and Dart technologies. I enjoy learning new things, creating Flutter-related educational content and sharing it with fellow developers in my free time. Also, I enjoy being outside and playing disc golf.