Łukasz Wiśniewski

Engineer by day, Craft Beer aficionado by night

Talk Title

Low-Code Personalization With Flutter






14:35 > 20 min


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Have you ever heard about "Rule Engines"? Do you want to deliver personalized experiences to your app users? Are you struggling to create dynamic and customizable content at scale? Look no further!

In this lightning talk, I'll share my personal experience and some practical tips on how to use available tools and libraries to create dynamic personalization rules. You will learn how to apply these rules at runtime to your app and how you can make non-technical team members to manage them.

Speaker Bio

I’ve been doing mobile (and not only) for over 15 years now – for me it started with writing an Android app while only emulators were available. Jumped on the Flutter hype train when 1.0 got announced.

Companies/Apps I was involved with: Last.fm/TweetDeck/Twitter/Snapcat (an app for cats to take selfies)/EyeEm/DeutscheBahn

Currently CTO Together ( IG: together.couplescoaching )