Lukas Klingsbo 💙

Blue Fire (Flame Engine)

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Ubuntu: An OS experience built on Flutter


Widget Way




16:20 > 40 min


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Did you know that more and more of the user experience in Ubuntu is built on Flutter? All new front-end applications developed for Ubuntu are using Flutter and currently the OS installer, app center, firmware updater, music player and more are already developed in Flutter.

In this talk you'll learn about:
* Why Canonical and Ubuntu chose Flutter as their go to framework for applications
* What the differences are when developing only for Linux
* What challenges we have had and how we overcome them while developing these applications
* How you can be part of developing Flutter apps in the open source world that millions of people will use

Speaker Bio

Lukas is a Flutter & Dart GDE and a member of the Blue Fire open source collective, which are most known for the Flame game engine and Audioplayers. On his free time Lukas enjoys building keyboards, climbing and of course; developing Flame.