Guillaume Diallo

Head of Flutter Engineering - BAM

Talk Title

Understanding Flutter’s handling of Gestures






12:00 > 40 min


on Twitter

As a mobile development framework, Flutter provides awesome features to detect and recognise user's gestures.

What gestures can it detect ? How does it recognise different gestures ? How does it respond when several gesture handlers are triggered ? How can I test my widget when gesture detection's involved ? ... so many questions that I've asked while working on an SDK intercepting the user's gestures without disrupting the behaviour of the underlying Flutter app.

In this presentation, we will dive into the general mechanism of how Flutter detects and recognises gestures, understand how it resolves detection conflicts and see how gestures handling widgets can be tested so that Flutter gesture handling has no secrets for you

Speaker Bio

Strong believer of cross platform mobile development, I’ve migrated from React Native to Flutter and I love it! Today, I am Head of Flutter Engineering at BAM in Paris, co-organizer of the Flutter Paris meetup and of the Flutter Connection conference in Paris (I am also an occasional sketchnotes enthusiast during Flutter events ;)). I’d like to help build a strong Flutter community in France.