Giuseppe Cianci

Senior Flutter Developer @ phntm

Talk Title

Automating CLI Workflows with Sidekick: Customizable, Debuggable, and Efficient






15:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Are you tired of manually executing the same tasks in your CLI every day? Do you want to streamline your workflow and reduce human error? Introducing Sidekick, a customizable Dart CLI generator that allows you to automate your tasks in a language your team is already familiar with.

Join this talk to:

- Explore the benefits of using Sidekick to generate your own CLI and extend it with custom tasks, without losing the simplicity of executing shell scripts
- Learn how to easily create and share custom commands across multiple CLIs with Sidekick's plugin system
- Discover how Sidekick can help you automate your release process, load dependencies in a multi-package layout, and generate files
- See real-world examples of how Sidekick has improved development workflows and increased efficiency

Don't let repetitive and error-prone CLI tasks weigh you down - get your own Sidekick and automate your workflows with ease!

Speaker Bio

Giuseppe is a Senior Software Developer at PHNTM, a Flutter development agency. He fell in love with Flutter in early 2020 and has been dedicated to it ever since. His interests include testing, automation, and improvisational theatre.