Gianfranco Papa

CTO & Co-Founder of Somnio Software

Talk Title

Going offline first with Flutter: Best practices







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Explore how to design robust Flutter applications with an offline-first approach. This session covers implementing a local database, and we'll cover relational vs non-relational ones. Moreover, we'll center the talks around synchronization techniques, and resolving conflicts using strategies like "Last Write Wins" and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs). By the end of the talk, you'll hopefully understand key points on how to start creating apps that are offline by default to provide seamless experience to your users even in low connection environments, enhancing user experience regardless of connectivity.

Speaker Bio

I’m a Flutter Developer, Passionate Software Engineer, and Football Fanatic in my spare time. I’m CTO & Co-Founder of Somnio Software, a 100% specialized Flutter Company based in Uruguay.

I’m really passionate about technology in general but Flutter & Dart are my top choices. I’ve focused on becoming an expert in these technologies to have the best tools to help our partners with their projects!

I’m also co-organizer of Flutter Uruguay Meetup to help grow the community of this tech both in our country and also in the world. This group has helped me unite with other developers and Flutter fanatics to exchange experiences and ideas!