Filipe Barroso

Senior Software Developer

Talk Title

Dart Microservice with Google Cloud Platform






15:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

We all know the power of Flutter, but you can't forget that with great power comes ... Dart! The super-powered programming language is also quite good in the backend too. With this talk I'll present the reason why I picked Dart for a backed project, I'll show you how to build an API with Shelf deploying it at Google Cloud Platform to use with Google Build, Run, Scheduler, Storage, Container Registry, Source Repository and Pub/Sub! Just to name a few.

Speaker Bio

Software Developer for more than 10+ years. Started working as an Android Developer at Portugal Telecom (now Altice). Afterwards, at Wingman, where he worked at apps for companies like Brisa, Federação Portuguesa Futebol, Bayer and TAP.

Then found his calling with Flutter.
Professionally with Flutter since 2020 but as open source project long before that when Dart was trying to replace javascript and Flutter was called Sky.

Community organiser for 7+ years. Founder of Flutter Portugal and helped organize more 35 Flutter events, create government and open source apps like Stay Away Covid and, gave workshops and talks internationally.

Currently working as Senior Software Developer with Flutter at