Dmitry Zhifarsky


Talk Title

Dart Code Metric (DCM) journey: from a side project to the paid product






15:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

When we talk about open source projects developed by several people and not backed by any company or funding, we usually imagine people developing it in their free time after working hours, trying to change something that bothers them.
But can this be approached differently? Can you actually have a different model for your project?
In this talk we will cover the problems of open source free tools, how you can try to convert your product to a paid one and the lessons learned on the DCM example.

Speaker Bio

Founder of the DCM static analyzer. Fell in love with Dart ever since working on a huge frontend codebase at Wrike written in Dart Angular. Left the previous position of the Frontend Department Lead at Sidekick Browser to focus on DCM full-time.