Damian Bast

Head of Flutter Training - WidgetsAcademy

Talk Title

Using vim as a Flutter IDE – what works, what doesn’t






17:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

Two years ago, I switched to using vim as my only Flutter IDE - these are my "lessons learned".

From vim to terminal productivity, I give you a glimpse into my development workflow.

The talk will not go into detail on "how to setup" vim, but rather on how such a setup can be used, and what common workflows look like.

Also I will give you a quick outlook on how you can get many of the benefits this workflow has, without the drawback of having to make a full switch to vim.

Speaker Bio

I’m a freelance Flutter Developer who also provides training & Flutter onboarding for teams over at WidgetsAcademy.com

This is my biography in Flutter time:

– BA Physics & Computer Science (teachers track)

– Hobbyist Flutter User since 1.9.1
– Professional Flutter User since ~ 1.17.x
– Freelance Flutter Developer & Coach since Flutter 1.22.6
– vim user since Flutter 2.2.0
– Founder & Head of Training at WidgetsAcademy since Flutter 3.3